Eric Dai


Scope: Course Project

Duration: 4 weeks, November 2021

Tools: Figma

Skills: Persona, Wireframing, Prototyping, User Testing, User Flow, UI/UX Design, Product Design


RaiseUp is an app that helps users ask questions and speakers to facilitate discussion during a Q&A session. It keeps track of the order of questions asked by different users in the room, allows question voting, and makes the Q&A process efficient by allowing questions to be clearly displayed on a centralized screen.

Key Statistics

RaiseUp Key Statistics

Research Overview

RaiseUp Research Overview


With our research learnings, we created 2 personas that embodied the archetypes of our user group.

RaiseUp Research Synthesis1
RaiseUp Research Synthesis2

Root Cause Analysis

RaiseUp Root Cause Analysios

Design Criteria

Using the research and synthesis as a guideline, I summarize my findings with a problem statement for RaiseUp’s user group.

RaiseUp Problem Statement

Next, I identified a list of design requirements to address the problem statement.

For the audience, the solution needs to

  • Help students keep track of questions ahead of them in queue
  • Help students vote for questions pertaining to their preferences
  • Help students see the question that was asked
  • Help students categorize their own questions

For the moderators, the solution needs to

  • Help professors keep track of any unanswered questions to respond after live sessions
  • Help professors moderate the Q&A and prevent any inappropriate questions from being displayed
  • Help professors have a choice of seeing the question before deciding whether or not to display
  • Help professors moderate the Q&A by seeing questions clearly and in chronological order

Key Metrics

RaiseUp Key Metrics


Given the tight timeframe, I created wireframes for three specific areas of RaiseUp. First, I designed screens for the log-in and joining meeting room process. Second, I designed wireframes for the facilitated Q&A experience. Third and lastly, I designed the look for the desktop Q&A moderator.

Logging-in and joining the meeting room

RaiseUp Logging In

Adding question to the Q&A queue

RaiseUp Queue

Moderating the Q&A

RaiseUp Q&A


After several rounds of critique on the wireframes, I then moved on to creating high-fidelity mock-ups of RaiseUp. The motivation of the visual design was to create a clean look that entices the user to use the app. The sky blue color is used as the main theme to associate the app with a calm, organized feeling.

Logging-in and joining the meeting room

RaiseUp Logging In Final

Adding question to the Q&A queue

RaiseUp Queue Final

Moderating the Q&A

RaiseUp Q&A Final

Final Design

Like most courses, this project was done in a time crunch which left little time to create the final mock up. I wanted to improve the visuals, the information hierarchy, and overall experience of the app so I decided to refine my design.

RaiseUp Deliverable 1

RaiseUp Deliverable 2

RaiseUp Deliverable 3

User-Centric Design

My preview design project was focused on getting feedback from my design peers after each iteration. This project showed me how insightful it is to get feedback from the potential user population. As designers, we tend to go back and forth sometimes on very minuscule things. The user’s opinion comes in handy at times like this.

Distinct user journeys

Working on the RaiseUp app is the first time where the app that I am working with is established on the interaction between two user roles - the audience and the facilitator. This leads me to tackle the problem by examining the issue of Q&A from two perspectives. It leads me to think critically about how to connect different user journeys.

Going the extra mile

Sometimes, it is important to step back and let go of what you have initially built. The ultimate goal is to build a great product, not just a product that only I am satisfied with. Therefore, when I do receive feedback or have a great idea that involves going back a few steps, it is important for me to be okay with that because my final product will be in better shape because of it.